Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s Christmas without the need for presents. Good food, good friends, and family. I’ve traveled many miles over the years to be together with my family at Thanksgiving. This year is no exception; I’ll be … Read More

KAZAKH HOSPITALITY: Genghis Khan Notwithstanding

first posted in 2014     Step One:  2000 years of Kazakh History in 200 words Like most countries, Kazakhstan’s geography has colored its history. Sitting between two of the largest powers in the world — China to the east … Read More

The Unhappy Final Weeks

Once we got our medical clearance, the pace quickened. Here’s another deleted scene from our Pre-departure days.     The phone call telling me I had cleared the final medical hurdle came in February 2004 while I was visiting my … Read More


Another early deleted scene from At Home on the Kazakh Steppe.  Food is such a large part of a culture: which types of food, how they are prepared, where they come from, the level of cleanliness, how they are eaten … Read More

Our 777 Invitation

Exciting News!  The publisher for my memoir, Ant Press, wants these deleted scenes collected into an eBook.  I think I’m most excited that I get to continue to tweak these stories.  I do love that process. So, in eager anticipation, … Read More

The Sharwa Bazaar

  I’m back with one of the many Deleted Scenes.  This one is something of a hybrid — parts of it show up at a later time in the book.  But here’s the original description of this amazing place, the … Read More

Raw Herring and Other Peace Corps Dangers

  This past Friday, the New York Times ran two stories on the Peace Corps.   The first article I saw, Peace Corps Volunteers in Their Own Words by Michael Roston, is a collection of short first-person accounts from recent volunteers (more … Read More

A 60th Jubilee in Kazakhstan

  For weeks Gulzhahan had been reminding me of the “Sixtieth Jubilee” to which Woody and I were invited. Invitations, if offered at all, usually came a day or two ahead. Since hers had come weeks ahead, I knew it … Read More

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