The Woonboot

Their age keeps the bad guys from taking them seriously and Charles and Louise make that work for them.

The US President sends the couple to the Netherlands to harass a terrorist cell living in a houseboat — a woonboot. There, Charles and Louise use their unusual talents to sow seeds of doubt and confusion in the group.

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About the Book

What the reviewers have said:

Another story about Charles and Louise, they feel like my neighbors now.

This time they head to the Netherlands to keep an eye on some guys (terrorist in making) living on a houseboat. This story really evolves with Louise becoming a mother figure to a couple and thru her caring and listening skills the story evolves into the best one yet(I think).

Following them on a practice run, Charles & Louise are hilarious in making things go wrong so the leaders don’t have confidence in this cell anymore. But, have they been made? Is someone going to get hurt or killed? So what happens next? Get this 3rd book and find out. I highly recommend it!

It is obvious the author has a good knowledge about the Dutch society. It is a very ‘hyggelig’ (cozy) book, as we say in Danish, which you will enjoy to read.

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Series: Charles and Louise, Book 3
Genres: International intrigue, Thriller, Travel
Publisher: Birch Tree Books
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9780998182223
List Price: $8.95
eBook Price: $3.99
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