Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers and Friends and grandmothers … Or, as they say in France, Joyeuse Saint Valentin! We in the US know how we celebrate Valentine’s Day: sentimental card first, always with a picture of a heart; styrofoam-tasting candy hearts … Read More

What is this crisis in masculinity?

Today’s post began a week ago when I watched the video of actor Emma Thompson talking to the BBC in the wake of the harvey weinstein downfall. As you listen to the video, you’ll hear Ms. Thompson refer to a … Read More

Lessons Learned As I Cross the Sea

January 21, 2017 THE WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON     Unlike the Aral, Black, or Caspian, I landed upon this particular sea at Independence Avenue and 4th Street (SW) shortly after I got off the DC Metro at  the Federal … Read More

The Evolution of PETS: From livestock to members of the family

  It’s been an interesting few weeks since our Chincoteague home went belly up (and with it our plan to pay our debts); my identity as a tenor was shaken; and Sasha tore her ACL.  All First World Problems, to be … Read More

What is an Apology?

    Apologies have been in the news lately. President Obama’s recent trip to Hiroshima has been met with criticism from some Americans, reviving the “apology tour” reference. BACKGROUND INFO:  during Mitt Romney’s RNC acceptance speech (in 2012), he referred to Obama’s … Read More

When Cultural Difference Is Used As An Excuse — Part I

Cultural difference has morphed of late into a lame excuse for bad behavior. Take this recent headline:   Renegades boss blames ‘cultural differences‘ as Chris Gayle is fined $10,000 That was a headline I caught through the magic that is … Read More

Meeting Gulzhahan

  For the next few weeks (or months) I’ll be popping in on Fridays with a Deleted Scene from my memoir, At Home on the Kazakh Steppe. Let’s call them the “lost deleted scenes.” As I put together my new ebook … Read More


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s Christmas without the need for presents. Good food, good friends, and family. I’ve traveled many miles over the years to be together with my family at Thanksgiving. This year is no exception; I’ll be … Read More


Another early deleted scene from At Home on the Kazakh Steppe.  Food is such a large part of a culture: which types of food, how they are prepared, where they come from, the level of cleanliness, how they are eaten … Read More

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