Flexibility, Patience, and a Sense of Humor

  As I collect the various Deleted Scenes to create a small eBook, I’m finding a few I’d like to recirculate.   And rewrite!   Here’s one from April, 2013, called Finding Serenity. This time around, I’m calling it: Flexibility, patience, and a sense of … Read More

Raw Herring and Other Peace Corps Dangers

  This past Friday, the New York Times ran two stories on the Peace Corps.   The first article I saw, Peace Corps Volunteers in Their Own Words by Michael Roston, is a collection of short first-person accounts from recent volunteers (more … Read More

A 60th Jubilee in Kazakhstan

  For weeks Gulzhahan had been reminding me of the “Sixtieth Jubilee” to which Woody and I were invited. Invitations, if offered at all, usually came a day or two ahead. Since hers had come weeks ahead, I knew it … Read More

Writers’ Process Blog Tour

  Tag. You’re it!     Remember that? Well, that old game came back to me last week when Kathy Pooler of Memoir Writer’s Journey tagged me in her post of May 29 and essentially said, “you’re it.” She said it … Read More


  Kazakhs pride themselves on their well-deserved reputation for hospitality.   Our first invitation came from Woody’s director, Zamzagul: a Sunday afternoon gathering at a colleague’s dacha.   Dacha is a Russian word and a Russian tradition. Akin to a … Read More

The Application Process, Part III: At the Sanitorium

    Some thirty Kazakhstanis and four Americans were in charge of our training in a village near Almaty, home of Kazakhstan’s international airport. But first, we had to get there.   The Peace Corps brought us to Washington DC … Read More

The Application Process Part II

  We knew we’d be able to come home whenever we wanted, theoretically. The Peace Corps does not want volunteers who don’t want to be there. It’s not the army, after all.   In practical terms, though, it would be … Read More

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