Plan B

I’m getting adept at Plans B of late. Landscaping plans sit on the shelf because we just don’t feel like spending that much money this year. Maybe next. (I’ve been saying that about that third rock wall for about eleven … Read More

On GoldenRod, Redux

First published September 25, 2019 as On GoldenRod, With Apologies, I wanted to bring it back for a rerun. Hope you enjoy it. For the past twelve years, from mid August to mid-September, I have conscientiously and diligently pulled out, … Read More

A Two for Tuesday Tag Prompt #4

This week’s Two-For-Tuesday prompt from Rae at Rae’s Reads and Reviews is Two books that help you sleep at night This was the hardest prompt of the four for me because, simply, books don’t help me sleep.  Melatonin does or a glass of … Read More

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