One of the benefits of self-publishing is that I can go back into my published book at any time and make it better. And, given my propensity to tweak, I have been doing that with LEAPFROG, the book that … Read More

Versions of Kazakh History

Our Bonus Scene this week takes us back in time to Kazakhstan’s earliest years, featuring Genghis Khan and his descendents.  And, oh yes, there is a beautiful white steppe goose too.      As happens whenever Kazakhs gathered, the animated conversation … Read More

Meeting Gulzhahan

  For the next few weeks (or months) I’ll be popping in on Fridays with a Deleted Scene from my memoir, At Home on the Kazakh Steppe. Let’s call them the “lost deleted scenes.” As I put together my new ebook … Read More

The Sheep’s Head

  Today I offer the last of my Deleted Scenes.  But, to go out with a bang, this scene was deleted twice, a few years apart. Can you tell which came first? (ostensibly the weaker of the two) All those guessing will be put … Read More

The Besik

  Here, with no further ado, is my next-to-last deleted scene … The Besik That last year, the daily differences that had so overwhelmed me faded into the background and the universals stood out more easily. I remembered that all cultures … Read More


  As I sort through the survey from two weeks ago, I’m posting this deleted scene. It’s one of my favorites because it shows in a concrete way how naive I was.   Being naive can be a not-so-bad thing, you know –as long … Read More

Day of Silence (DOS) April 17, 2015

This week I will celebrate (if that can be the word) the student-led National Day of Silence. These teenagers and young college kids promise not to speak for 24 hours. Who can’t be in support of that? More specifically, participants take a vow of … Read More

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