Changing My Focus

Remember this? This was my original website header back when I began in 2013, thanks to my friend Anne McKinsey. I still love those colors, though I’ve since learned the difference between calling myself a writer and calling myself an … Read More

From the Middle of Black History Month

Have you wondered as I have why February was chosen as the month to honor African-Americans? Actually, I wonder, when choice is involved, why anything is celebrated in winter. Celebrations, to me, are best exercised outdoors, in the sun, with … Read More

A New Look At Time

On November 4 it’ll be time to turn our clocks again — Jet lag without the hassle of airplane security and cramped seats. I can hardly wait. Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have done … Read More

When Words Matter: Refugee or Immigrant?

My post is arriving a little late today. Here’s why. Friday, my post was ready. It’s title: World Refugee Day. Here’s how it began: Did you know that June 20 is World Refugee Day?  I didn’t, until I set my blogging … Read More

My Annual Christmas Eve Post for 2017

For those of you fairly new to And So It Goes, I first discovered John McCutcheon’s song, Christmas in the Trenches, in 2013. It tells an amazing and long forgotten true story, one that I’m committed to sharing. I’ve been posting it every Christmas … Read More

How Are You?

“How are you?” These past few weeks when asked how I am, I’ve been struck by how easy it is to fall back on that socially acceptable, “Fine, thanks. How are you?”  It’s the polite response, we say here in … Read More

Back to Cross-Cultural Curiosity

  What better way to bring us back to the roots of this blog than a guest post on a foreign land?  Pour yourself a cup ‘o and get comfy; we’re going to Wales. Here to guide us is Ruth … Read More

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