March Update

I’m trying something new today this month — an update of the stories that caught my eye over the past month but didn’t make it into full length blog posts. Here then, in alphabetical order, I present: CHIMPANZEES IN THE … Read More

Understanding Personal Efficacy and Its Impact on Choice

Last week’s post, subtitled the dilemma of choice, got me thinking anew about “choice” — from the act of it to the impact of it. I’m not sure where we’ll wind up at the end, but let’s get started. We’ll … Read More

Embracing the Bookshelf: The Dilemma of Choice

posted in: Life Lessons 17

I like knowing that there are certain things in this world of ours that I can rely on — like the changing seasons and that spring invariably follows winter. Though I can’t tell from looking out my window that spring … Read More

Looking Back 50 Years: Why Do We Forget So Easily?

Yes, it’s another 50 year anniversary post. Do you know which one? March 13, 1969 — ring any bells? No? Welcome to today’s real topic: How easily we forget. Fifty years ago today, Apollo 9 returned to earth. “Which one … Read More

Understanding Ash Wednesday: From the Protestant Reformation to Mardi Gras

I set out wanting to better understand a holiday that is celebrated in my own backyard, yet is one I know very little about: Ash Wednesday In the process I found myself thinking once again about the the churches I … Read More

A Two for Tuesday Tag Prompt #4

This week’s Two-For-Tuesday prompt from Rae at Rae’s Reads and Reviews is Two books that help you sleep at night This was the hardest prompt of the four for me because, simply, books don’t help me sleep.  Melatonin does or a glass of … Read More

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