A New Look at Thanksgiving: the strange ritual we pull off each year

It really is a strange ritual we pull off each year. We mean well, with this Thanksgiving of ours, but intention only carries so far. The Thanksgiving myth, you know, is a fiction. A nice fiction, a Norman Rockwell fiction, … Read More

Understanding Ash Wednesday: From the Protestant Reformation to Mardi Gras

I set out wanting to better understand a holiday that is celebrated in my own backyard, yet is one I know very little about: Ash Wednesday In the process I found myself thinking once again about the the churches I … Read More

What Is Family?

At the end of last week’s blog post on World Population Day, if you recall, I wrote, “It’s a cultural thing.” Here’s what originally followed (before I deleted it): I know in many countries family is more extended, with multiple generations … Read More

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