Recipe: Mother-in-law tongue

  My friend Abby once suggested that I add recipes from my time in Kazakhstan to my blog. “Everyone loves recipes,” she told me. A popular potluck dish has been on my mind lately, perhaps because the omnipresent eggplant has … Read More

“Ya hachoo Pasha”

Embarrassing moments. How they make us laugh — eventually. Such was the following scene that happened during my first few months in Kazakhstan, long before the language took root. This story — written for my memoir, At Home On the … Read More


“Wherever we go,” I’d declared to Woody at the start of our Peace Corps application process, “I want a nice beach, friendly bugs, and a good mattress.” I figured I could make friends for America without having to suffer.   … Read More

My Gutsy Story Guest Post

  Just a quick note to let you know I’ve got a guest blog out on Sonia Marsh’s Gutsy Living website   Called, Leaving A Life I Loved: When the Peace Corps Beckoned, it gives a bit more … Read More

My Bubble Bath

    Survey results are in and most respondents want more deleted scenes from my book, At Home On the Kazakh Steppe. Many also want more substantive information on Kazakhstan. A few mentioned photos, and one suggested I post more regularly. Thanks … Read More

Kazakh Proverb: “If a man insults you, serve him a meal”

  Like any culture, the Kazakh people have many sayings. One I heard often was If a man insults you, serve him a meal. I thought I knew what this meant when I first heard it, but as the years … Read More

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