Culture Shock and CoViD-19 — Day 33

The times they are a changin’ sang Bob Dylan way back when. And, somehow, that feels like a fitting song for these days when so much is changing. For starters, I’ve gone from sprint mode to marathon mode in the … Read More

Thoughts on Mortality: A guest post from my husband

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Over the years I’ve mentioned my husband, Woody, from time to time. Today for the first time (and hopefully not the last), Woody talks to you directly.  I think you’ll come away understanding how I could fall in love with … Read More

Get Real: A look at ageism

This is not a DST story.  It is a turn back time story though. Sort of. A story came to my attention last week that I just couldn’t ignore.  Along the lines of the breastfed six-year old post I did … Read More

Sasha, On Aging Well

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  Alpha Mom asked me to take this week’s post as she’s a bit preoccupied with her homework for a new training she’s in. She says she’ll write about it once she’s done and can look back with perspective. I … Read More

Alice’s Restaurant

Well, this is embarrassing. You know I periodically include a post connected to either a holiday or a famous incident in history whose anniversary falls on or near my posting Wednesday. Somewhere, as I was putting together my blogging calendar … Read More

You Can’t Go Back Again

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Or Can You? When I was in grade school, my classmates and I watched one afternoon as a small horde of fragile-seeming former students creaked their way into our elementary school and down to the cafeteria. Most had canes as … Read More

The Vision of Mr Rogers

Happy Birthday, Fred Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003) Last fall, I shared a photo that was buzzing around facebook. Here it is: At the time, I saw it as an adage about love: Love isn’t a state of … Read More

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