The Evolution of PETS: From livestock to members of the family

  It’s been an interesting few weeks since our Chincoteague home went belly up (and with it our plan to pay our debts); my identity as a tenor was shaken; and Sasha tore her ACL.  All First World Problems, to be … Read More

The Besik

  Here, with no further ado, is my next-to-last deleted scene … The Besik That last year, the daily differences that had so overwhelmed me faded into the background and the universals stood out more easily. I remembered that all cultures … Read More

Mother’s Day

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The Following is reprinted in its entirety from National Geographic, May 9, 2014, complete with all original links too. It was writted by Brian Handwerk, whose writing I liked so much, I decided it best to just leave it alone. As a … Read More

Culture As An Iceberg

  Culture is an iceberg. Art, food, tools, language, music, holiday, styles of dress, those aspects of culture we can see — those that show above the metaphorical water line — are important parts of any cultural puzzle and good … Read More


Another early deleted scene from At Home on the Kazakh Steppe.  Food is such a large part of a culture: which types of food, how they are prepared, where they come from, the level of cleanliness, how they are eaten … Read More

Finding Your Roots and Keeping Them

  I’m thrilled to welcome Linda Austin for this month’s guest blog.     As with all my guests so far this year, I first met Linda through the web of social media. I was immediately smitten by her story of … Read More

GUEST POST from Sonia Marsh: Where Do I Belong?

I am pleased to have Sonia Marsh with us this week.   Sonia is the award-winning author of the travel memoir Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island and founder of the “My Gutsy … Read More

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