Plan B

I’m getting adept at Plans B of late. Landscaping plans sit on the shelf because we just don’t feel like spending that much money this year. Maybe next. (I’ve been saying that about that third rock wall for about eleven … Read More

Sasha, On Aging Well

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  Alpha Mom asked me to take this week’s post as she’s a bit preoccupied with her homework for a new training she’s in. She says she’ll write about it once she’s done and can look back with perspective. I … Read More

The 2019 Sugar Resolution — Part I

Sasha here, once again, on assignment from Alpha Mom who is sleeping. Again. She’s been doing that alot the past few days and finally told me to just go “write something about sugar.” “I’m going off sugar.”  Alpha Mom has … Read More

How to Deal with Criticism in Five Easy Steps

Sasha here. I hope you’ve all missed me. Alpha Mom has an old friend from Ohio visiting this week, so she asked me to pump out this blog post about criticism.  She says I can use her solitary 1-star review … Read More

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