Thanksgiving is coming. Sort of.

Thanksgiving will be here next week and, frankly, I’m pissed. Do you know how you’ll be celebrating this year? I don’t. Not exactly. I mean, I knew we’d not be socializing with anyone who doesn’t live here in Vermont. I … Read More

Conflict in the food we eat

So I’ve got a conflict to toss around. Sort of. Not the “difficult conversation” type conflict I’ve been so focused on of late. — or rather had been before my attention zoomed over to COVID.  (Zoomed, you get it?  Sorry). … Read More

The 2019 Sugar Resolution — Part I

Sasha here, once again, on assignment from Alpha Mom who is sleeping. Again. She’s been doing that alot the past few days and finally told me to just go “write something about sugar.” “I’m going off sugar.”  Alpha Mom has … Read More

How National Is Our Thanksgiving Meal?

Norman Rockwell shows us one way to celebrate Thanksgiving. There’s an interesting backstory to this painting, which I’ll share quickly. This is one of “The Four Freedoms,” paintings inspired by FDR’s 1941 State of the Union address. All four — Freedom … Read More

Chincoteague 2015 Writers’ Retreat Redux

  Four women came from different parts of the country to join me in my rental property on Chincoteague Island, Virginia last week. It quickly came to be known as the CincoChincoChics Retreat (first annual?)   We were together seven … Read More


Another early deleted scene from At Home on the Kazakh Steppe.  Food is such a large part of a culture: which types of food, how they are prepared, where they come from, the level of cleanliness, how they are eaten … Read More

Recipe: Mother-in-law tongue

  My friend Abby once suggested that I add recipes from my time in Kazakhstan to my blog. “Everyone loves recipes,” she told me. A popular potluck dish has been on my mind lately, perhaps because the omnipresent eggplant has … Read More

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