Finding Our Way to Vermont

I’m often asked how we wound up in Vermont. It’s a good story, one I enjoy telling if given enough time. At the same time, it occurs to me that if one owns one’s own website (now there’s a tongue … Read More

My Annual Christmas Eve Post for 2020

Many of my friends here in Vermont see winter as a time to pull out the skis, the sleds, the toboggans and hit the hills. Not me. Over the past few decades, I’ve come to see winter as a time … Read More

A missed opportunity, subjunctively speaking

At the point where the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea meet, lies an island of 12 million people fewer than 100  miles from our Florida coast.  Yet it’s a travel destination few Americans consider. That … Read More

Autumn Leaves: A memory

[box type=”info”] An update: Woody’s hand surgery went smoothly last Wednesday afternoon and the biopsy came back with the expected good news. His sutures come out on Friday and he’ll have full use of his hand in another week. More … Read More

Meet Lindsay de Feliz

  I’ll post her bio and her blog links below. Without further ado (I love saying that) I bring you Lindsay de Feliz.   Adapting to the culture of the Dominican Republic and reverse culture shock when returning to the … Read More

A New Look At Time

On November 4 it’ll be time to turn our clocks again — Jet lag without the hassle of airplane security and cramped seats. I can hardly wait. Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have done … Read More

Finding Your Courage

  I can’t find the origin of that statement — I’ve used it for over twenty years — and fear it may be lost. I’ll use it anyway. I sat down to write a post on last Saturday’s Women’s March, … Read More

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