Kimmie, a reporter for the NY Times, and Tom, from the local FBI, strive to thwart a possible nuclear attack on Manhattan.

A nuclear threat to New York City, and the clock ticking -- not what Kimmie signed up for.  But she's smart and feisty. She stops flirting with Tom and takes on the terrorists. It's a race against time to save Manhattan.

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Genre: Thriller
Tags: Manhattan Island, terrorism
Publisher: Birch Tree Books
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780998182230
List Price: $8.99
eBook Price: $4.99
Ever since the horror of 9/11, a stunned and devastated America has felt vulnerable to attack. When and where will the next strike come? How can it be prevented? One ominous possibility is outlined in Woody Starkweather's fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining novel. CARGO is set mainly in 21st century New York City, with glimpses of other secluded locations and sinister characters across the world. The chief narrator, Kimmie, is a smart, tough, and flirty investigative journalist with the New York Times. When she learns from an FBI contact of a rumored new plot against New York City, she tracks the story down only to find herself up against a team of terrorists living near her own apartment. Drawn deeply into the effort to combat their catastrophic plan, she also courts the romantic attentions of attractive FBI agent, Tom. With compelling, sometimes outrageous characters, meticulously researched details, and a real page-turner of a plot, CARGO is a fascinating story.
– Reeve Lindbergh, author, Two Lives, Under a Wing, No More Words, and others
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