LEAPFROG: How to hold a civil conversation in an uncivil era

Conflict, difference, disagreement, even misunderstanding can arise unexpectedly during the course of anyone’s day.

While remaining civil is not always easy, hate and fear are neither the natural nor necessary responses to difference. Nevertheless, we get triggered, sucked into an argument we didn’t see coming, propping one set of facts up against another with neither side listening, and eventually wondering what the hell just happened.  We can come together again, though, and participating in a non-judgmental conversation on matters of importance gets us started. LEAPFROG presents the combined wisdom of many on how to be heard -- and how to hear -- without judgment. That's when the magic happens.

Third Edition, updated and enlarged, coming soon!

About the Book

Anyone watching news shows where guests are reduced to shouting over each other can attest to this loss of civility.

As important as politics are, this booklet is not limited to political conversations. The ideas given here can be applied to any conversation you deem “difficult,” from marital disagreements and parent-teen clashes to neighborhood standoffs and workplace disputes. And so, perhaps a more inclusive subtitle would be, How to Hold a Difficult Conversation at a Difficult Time.

Tags: civility, How to hold a civil conversation, incivility, Janet Givens author, LEAPFROG
Publisher: Birch Tree Books
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 10,000 words
ISBN: 9780998182247
List Price: $10.95
eBook Price: $4.99
Audiobook Price: $17.46
Janet Givens has captured the essence of civil conversation in the clever acronym LEAPFROG.  In restorative justice work, we begin with establishing that there is something in this universe which connects us. It might be where we live, it might be our ancestry; often it is our shared values that help us move a conversation from trying to convince to being curious. Thank you, Janet, for paving the way. May we all be courageous enough to initiate a civil conversation. 
– Susan Cherry, Executive Director, The Community Restorative Justice Center, Inc., St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Janet’s LEAPFROG describes— in an accessible and fun way— the nuts and bolts of how to have a civil conversation and how to effectively remain neutral in the context of an encounter with someone with a different view. This is a tool to use every day!  
– Karen Bufka, community organizer, St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
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