The Besik

  Here, with no further ado, is my next-to-last deleted scene … The Besik That last year, the daily differences that had so overwhelmed me faded into the background and the universals stood out more easily. I remembered that all cultures … Read More


  As I sort through the survey from two weeks ago, I’m posting this deleted scene. It’s one of my favorites because it shows in a concrete way how naive I was.   Being naive can be a not-so-bad thing, you know –as long … Read More

Day of Silence (DOS) April 17, 2015

This week I will celebrate (if that can be the word) the student-led National Day of Silence. These teenagers and young college kids promise not to speak for 24 hours. Who can’t be in support of that? More specifically, participants take a vow of … Read More

Daylight Saving Time Redux

  If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve already noted that I’m a BIG ADVOCATE of doing away with DST.  But, first, what this post needs is a photo.  I’ll be right back.         While wandering around … Read More

International Women’s Day, March 8

  There are two positions on International Woman’s Day, which will be coming up this Sunday, March 8.  And (fortunately for  me)  there’s an absurd aspect to why we do not celebrate it here in the U.S.A. Given my newly … Read More

Flexibility, Patience, and a Sense of Humor

  As I collect the various Deleted Scenes to create a small eBook, I’m finding a few I’d like to recirculate.   And rewrite!   Here’s one from April, 2013, called Finding Serenity. This time around, I’m calling it: Flexibility, patience, and a sense of … Read More

New Year’s Eve, Kazakhstan Style

In honor of New Year’s Eve, here’s a Deleted Scene of my first New Year’s Eve in Kazakhstan.  But this version is from my very first draft, it’s in present tense, and it’s actually from one of the many emails … Read More

Culture As An Iceberg

  Culture is an iceberg. Art, food, tools, language, music, holiday, styles of dress, those aspects of culture we can see — those that show above the metaphorical water line — are important parts of any cultural puzzle and good … Read More

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