My Annual Christmas Eve Post for 2020

Many of my friends here in Vermont see winter as a time to pull out the skis, the sleds, the toboggans and hit the hills. Not me. Over the past few decades, I’ve come to see winter as a time … Read More

Confronting Racism Part I: When Did You First Become Aware of Your Race?

What a great poster this protester carried. Treat Racism like CoViD 19, it declared:  Assume you have it. Listen to experts about it. Don’t spread it. Be willing to change your life to end it. And it’s that fourth one … Read More

Changing My Focus

Remember this? This was my original website header back when I began in 2013, thanks to my friend Anne McKinsey. I still love those colors, though I’ve since learned the difference between calling myself a writer and calling myself an … Read More

Starting Over

  And So It Goes is trying a new tack in 2018.  First, a song. Songs have power over me. They help me recall moments I’d otherwise forget and  they lift my mood (or lower it) as needed.  Here’s a perky … Read More

How Are You?

“How are you?” These past few weeks when asked how I am, I’ve been struck by how easy it is to fall back on that socially acceptable, “Fine, thanks. How are you?”  It’s the polite response, we say here in … Read More

He’s My Brother

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This is the story of how I got a new baby brother, 50 years late. Ever meet someone and immediately you know you’ve made a connection?  There’s chemistry, some say.  Others claim it’s finding something in common that binds you. … Read More

My Cuba Trip: The Post View

  Cuba is a country filled with “what might have been.” It’s a beautiful country, we’ve all heard that, surrounded with beautiful beaches and filled with beautiful people. But, it breathes a constant, “What might have been.” Cuba is also … Read More

An Update on Sasha

Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other. — Louis J. Camuti  [Click to Tweet this quote]   … Read More

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