Gathering Strangers to My Home: A Cultural Perspective

Have you ever asked a stranger to tea?   Ever spent the night with someone you’d only just met?  (Wait, that came out wrong.)   How about deciding to gather together folks you’d (mostly) never met for a week. Six … Read More

Chincoteague 2015 Writers’ Retreat Redux

  Four women came from different parts of the country to join me in my rental property on Chincoteague Island, Virginia last week. It quickly came to be known as the CincoChincoChics Retreat (first annual?)   We were together seven … Read More

Tag, I’m It: The 2014 WIP Tour

I’ve been tagged in the 2014 Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour, offering authors the chance to share snippets of their current Work In Progress. Cynthia DeKett, who tagged me, didn’t miss a beat when I told her, “but my … Read More

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