The 2019 Sugar Resolution — Part I

Sasha here, once again, on assignment from Alpha Mom who is sleeping. Again. She’s been doing that alot the past few days and finally told me to just go “write something about sugar.” “I’m going off sugar.”  Alpha Mom has … Read More

Sasha Weighs In

Alpha mom thought it best that I tell you what’s going on. She thinks she’ll sound too serious.  It’s something about her “voice” in telling the story. I don’t understand this; I like her voice, especially when she’s telling me what a good … Read More

Chickens, Run (and other exciting news)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you this special, late-breaking announcement. MY BOOK IS LIVE! AT HOME ON THE KAZAKH STEPPE has launched, left the doorsill, flown the coop, left the nest. (are there others?) A Book Launch Party — for … Read More

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