My New Website Look

How often do you redecorate? I mean, how long can one live with that red shag carpeting that we so loved once upon a time?

So it is with websites. I’ve learned.

As technology changes, so too must our virtual living rooms. And today’s post is about how mine got its new look.

Web-wise, my website is my home. It’s the place where I have my most precious possessions. Unlike any of the other social media sites, my website is MINE; I own it. It is the place that I can truly call my own. And, it’s where I feel most comfortable. Home.

I loved my first website.… Read More

Inspirational Authors Facebook Event

  A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a one-day FB event as an “inspirational author.”   I was curious. What is an inspirational author?  I hadn’t thought of myself as an inspirational author particularly, but still, I … Read More

Promised Promo Post-Mortem

  Sorry about the tongue twister title. I couldn’t help myself.   As a follow-up to my blog of May 27, Book Promos Inside Out, I hearby disclose the results, such as they are.       First, a recap: my … Read More

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