Happy New Year Everyone: Embracing my 2015 regrets

  It’s December 30, which means 2015 will last for just two more days: today and tomorrow.   Personally, I’m looking forward to the change.   For me, the new year represents a chance to put behind me the many missteps … Read More

The Sheep’s Head

  Today I offer the last of my Deleted Scenes.  But, to go out with a bang, this scene was deleted twice, a few years apart. Can you tell which came first? (ostensibly the weaker of the two) All those guessing will be put … Read More


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  This is a post about a social movement, one of my favorite topics. Q: What is the difference between a social movement and a mental illness? A: The number of people involved.   I remember a chilly weekend in New … Read More


“Wherever we go,” I’d declared to Woody at the start of our Peace Corps application process, “I want a nice beach, friendly bugs, and a good mattress.” I figured I could make friends for America without having to suffer.   … Read More


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  Welcome to today’s blog: mistakes. We’ve all made them, suffered through them, regretted them, and obsessed over them. And, I trust, learned from them, even laughed at them.     I made another one last week when this post launched … Read More

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