In Memory of Ian Mathie

Ian Mathie, a frequent commenter here, an infrequent Skype friend, and a constant source of encouragement and really bad email jokes, has died.  We are awaiting an official statement from his family; all I know currently is that he died on Tuesday, May … Read More

My Mission

A few weeks ago, I posted my “Proposed Mission Statement” and asked for your feedback via Survey Monkey.  I thank you for taking the time.  Here is the latest draft; the question remains how to use it.  (Not asking for … Read More

Sitting in Ambiguity

  Life is not going well for us liberal elites. I’m not just talking about the surprise election result. I’m thinking of the rising wave of anti-intellectualism, anti-science, anti-common-sense that pervades my world of late. The rise of fundamentalism around … Read More

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