There Are No Kazakhstanis in Kazakhstan, Yet

  I wanted to understand Kazakhstan, but it wasn’t easy. More to the point, I wanted to understand the people who now called Kazakhstan home. I learned enough early on to know Kazakhstan and America were similar in many ways: … Read More

More Deleted Scenes

 And So It Goes   I’m particularly interested in those cultural differences that make me shudder, make me yell out , “Oh, no.”  The multi-colored costumes and exotic dances, music, and food of foreign lands is entertaining, of course. But … Read More

Conquering Homophobia Through Vegetarianism

    This deleted scene is one of my favorites. It highlights the lighthearted relationship I had with my four closest colleagues and friends: Gulzhahan, Assem, Gulzhan, and Tolganay. Here we are at Tolganay’s apartment for dinner in early June. … Read More


Monday Night at the Movies had become a magnet for English speakers around the town and each week I’d get to meet visiting couples in the midst of the adoption process, or traveling vendors there to do business with the … Read More


  Another from my Deleted Scenes collection. This one of my friend Togzhan.   With two weeks before classes began, I could fulfill a promise I’d made to Togzhan nearly a year earlier.   Togzhan with her daughter Assema.   … Read More

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