LEAPFROG is here!

It’s been a long gestation, longer than you’d expect for such a small book.  But it’s finally here — sort of — and  you, my readers, were a big part of it (you’re in the Acknowledgments). I’m excited to announce … Read More

Summer Break

Hello, It’s been nearly three months, which I find hard to believe.  Last we talked, I explained my need for a “Spring Break.” Well, guess what — I’m now extending that into a Summer Break as well. Please be happy … Read More

Wrapping up civil discourse: The End of LEAP FROG

  It’s been a long series on civil discourse — lasting longer than an actual civil discourse would, I imagine.  Ten posts in all, including today’s.  Here they are, in one spot.   [learn_more caption=”CLICK HERE FOR THE LINKS TO THE … Read More

Finding Civil Discourse In This Age of Incivility: LEAP FROG, Part 8

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This is my ninth  post on civil discourse, and there will be a tenth next week, wrapping it all up. Today, we’re finishing our LEAP FROG acronym with the G.   I had this post written a few weeks ago.  G … Read More

How Can you Present Your Ideas? LEAP FROG Part 4

We’re in our fifth week looking at Civil Discourse.  To guide us on our journey, I concocted the hokey acronym LEAP FROG and here we are at Part 4: P is for Present (your ideas, finally!). I was enormously gratified as I … Read More

How to Take Care of Yourself in This Age of Incivility: LEAP FROG Part 3

Civil Discourse: is it dead, dying, or worth the effort to revive it?   If you believe as I do that it is not only possible to revive civil discourse, but imperative that we do so, then you’ve landed on the … Read More

Civil Discourse in the New Age

How do we hold a civil conversation with someone with whom we fundamentally disagree? How can we disagree without becoming disagreeable? However do we begin? If you’ve been paying attention over the past few months, these are not new questions. It used to be … Read More

Blame it on the Oxytocin

This is a post on what is called “The Backfire Effect.” Essentially, it holds that: Confronting a belief with facts to the contrary only strengthens the initial belief. I was discouraged when I sat down to write this post. How could it be, … Read More

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