LEAPFROG is going live

Join me for a Zoom talk this Saturday, October 17, 2020 Yes, LEAPFROG is going live on Zoom this Saturday at 11 a.m.  I hope you’ll join us. Here’s the story. Shortly after I launched my latest book, (see my … Read More

Another 50 Year Look Back

Surely you recognize this photo by now. It is the hill near Taylor Hall where National Guardsmen, many not much older than the students down below, opened fire, killing four and wounding nine. Here’s what I wrote two years ago … Read More

LEAPFROG is here!

It’s been a long gestation, longer than you’d expect for such a small book.  But it’s finally here — sort of — and  you, my readers, were a big part of it (you’re in the Acknowledgments). I’m excited to announce … Read More

Cultivating Empathy: My Journey to Understand

  Diane Ackerman wrote a lovely (delightful actually) book called Cultivating Delight.  It was a memoir of sorts, but, subtitled A Natural History of My Garden, it was also a garden book. I’m pulling from that title for today’s post, Cultivating Empathy: … Read More

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