How Do We Know What We Know?

That age old dichotomy:   Fact vs. Opinion, Magic vs. Reality, Faith vs. Evidence, Religion vs. Science We’ve had these dichotomies forever it seems. Everyone knew where they stood and if there was any conflict over any of it, it … Read More

In Praise of Skepticism

  Well, it happened again. I choose an important and timely topic — the importance of maintaining a healthy skepticism — but, in the course of putting the post together, I veer off into another land. Could that have been … Read More

Blame it on the Oxytocin

This is a post on what is called “The Backfire Effect.” Essentially, it holds that: Confronting a belief with facts to the contrary only strengthens the initial belief. I was discouraged when I sat down to write this post. How could it be, … Read More

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