Remembering Kent State

    On Monday, May 4, 1970, at twenty minutes past noon, 28 National Guardsmen fired 61 shots into a crowd of college students on the hill above, leaving four dead and nine wounded. It lasted just 13 seconds.   This was something … Read More

Earth Day 2018

    Earth Day began in 1970, officially. And  I have no memory of it at all. My first one was the following year while I was a student at NYU. My memory of it is fleeing: I’m walking along … Read More

50 Years Ago, Again

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What do you remember from April, 1968? Do your memories revolve around sports? Fashion? Popular culture? The news? Politics? Who were you dating back then? Where were you in school? What do you remember from fifty years ago? Here’s what … Read More

My Bi-Annual Daylight Saving Time Rant (yawn)

  While wandering around the Internet looking for that pleasant little visual, I stumbled across this fun, headline: . . . the best way to prevent death by Daylight Saving Time may be to make it permanent, according to Standard Time abolitionists. Death … Read More

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers and Friends and grandmothers … Or, as they say in France, Joyeuse Saint Valentin! We in the US know how we celebrate Valentine’s Day: sentimental card first, always with a picture of a heart; styrofoam-tasting candy hearts … Read More

My Annual Christmas Eve Post for 2017

For those of you fairly new to And So It Goes, I first discovered John McCutcheon’s song, Christmas in the Trenches, in 2013. It tells an amazing and long forgotten true story, one that I’m committed to sharing. I’ve been posting it every Christmas … Read More

November 22, our day that will live in infamy

Today is the day before Thanksgiving (always the fourth Thursday in November), the most quintessentially American holiday I can name, right up there with July 4th (our Independence Day).  This day before Thanksgiving is traditionally a very busy day for … Read More

Daylight Saving Time, Redux (x3)

Yes, it’s that time again. And, since WP once again won’t let me add photos (nor will it let me add tags), I’m rerunning this post from three years ago.  It’s pretty much covers all the necessary territory (and then … Read More

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