Race, Racism, White Privilege, Guilt Freedom, Justice, Peace, Equal opportunity Negroes, African-Americans, Blacks, BIPOC community So many words, so little time. How do we talk about these topics that fill our current news cycle? They are not new at all, … Read More

Examining American Scapegoating

This is George Floyd’s face. Most of us know of him from the viral video of his death under the knee of  Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis policeman. Or from the news media coverage this past week. Or from social … Read More

Talking About Race: Part II — Racism

    Following up on last month’s Talking About Race post, we’ll look at two rather different ways to talk about racism: as a problem within an individual and as a problem within the larger society. Who here is racist? … Read More

Racism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This past Monday would have been the 89th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Born in 1929, the same year as my mother (sorry Ma; did you want to keep that a secret?), MLK could still be alive and productive … Read More

What’s Your Bias?

      We’re taking a long, slow look at bias — that set of unconscious attitudes or stereotypes that inform our behavior without our being aware — this week. And, given the news we’re surrounded with, it’s timely.   My first … Read More

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