How Do You Enter A Room?

Have you entered the new year in the same way?     This past November, I spent a weekend at one of our two local Buddhist retreat centers that call nearby Barnet, Vermont home. The workshop topic, “Transformative Dialogue,” intrigued me. … Read More

Seeing Ourselves Through Others’ Eyes: Ella Reznikova

Ella Reznikova and I share the same monthly writer’s group here in Vermont. I am very glad for this for two reasons. Her history and knowledge of Soviet times was of great value to me during the final edits of my memoir; when Ella … Read More

Seeing Ourselves Through Others’ Eyes: A New Series

  This week, we’re starting a new series, one geared to bringing us back to the original  mission of And So It Goes: to encourage curiosity in cultural differences and in the process come to know ourselves better. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear … Read More

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