Confronting Racism Part I: When Did You First Become Aware of Your Race?

What a great poster this protester carried. Treat Racism like CoViD 19, it declared:  Assume you have it. Listen to experts about it. Don’t spread it. Be willing to change your life to end it. And it’s that fourth one … Read More

See you next week

Saturday, lightning struck our street.   We were luckier than some on our street; we only lost our modem.  The folks down about a half mile had fire spewing out of their electrical outlets. In between is my mom’s little … Read More

Gifts From the Novel Coronavirus

There is an upside in all this. There is always an upside. Call it lemonade (from lemons). Call it accepting the unacceptable. Call it gratitude. It doesn’t matter what you call it; the trick is in recognizing there is an … Read More

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