Daylight Savings Time Redux (x4)

Yes, it’s that time again. And, since WordPress once again won’t let me add photos (nor tags nor schedule) I’m rerunning this post from three years ago.  It pretty much covers all the necessary territory (and then some). Stay tuned … Read More

Where does the time go?

Dear Readers: This is a post about time. The speed with which it flies past us The way in which it finds irrelevant the many choices confronting us Sounds lofty, huh? It’s actually a post about how I’ve been wanting … Read More

Losing Water

Vermont is in a significant drought. According to our Agency of Natural Resources website, 73% of the state is affected, with the north central area (where I am) in a “severe” drought. That’s all well and good; the story here … Read More

Patriotism Revisited

I have a batch of draft posts on my WordPress site — thoughts I’ve jotted down over the years, ideas that percolated for a time, then went flat. And every now and then (like today) I look them over, delete … Read More

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