Understanding Personal Efficacy and Its Impact on Choice

Last week’s post, subtitled the dilemma of choice, got me thinking anew about “choice” — from the act of it to the impact of it. I’m not sure where we’ll wind up at the end, but let’s get started. We’ll … Read More

From the Middle of Black History Month

Have you wondered as I have why February was chosen as the month to honor African-Americans? Actually, I wonder, when choice is involved, why anything is celebrated in winter. Celebrations, to me, are best exercised outdoors, in the sun, with … Read More

What I’ve Learned From The Word Press Wars

Originally entitled, “Converting the Heathen Among Us,” this post was going to overwhelm you with the advantages of WordPress.org over WordPress.com I was quite certain you’d thank me. But, as so often happens as I write, my thoughts evolved and I … Read More

Habari Gani: Happy Kwanzaa

You’ve heard of Kwanzaa? I hadn’t until I moved to Philadelphia. Even then, what I thought I knew has turned out to be mistaken. So, what better opportunity might there be to learn about this rapidly growing American-founded holiday than … Read More

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