My Cuba Trip: The Post View

  Cuba is a country filled with “what might have been.” It’s a beautiful country, we’ve all heard that, surrounded with beautiful beaches and filled with beautiful people. But, it breathes a constant, “What might have been.” Cuba is also … Read More

Annual Christmas Eve Story

  How the year has flown.  The following story is one I’ve shared before, first in 2013 and again in 2014.   It is a story that teaches us that peace can be found if individual men and women want it badly enough … Read More

Chickens, Run (and other exciting news)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you this special, late-breaking announcement. MY BOOK IS LIVE! AT HOME ON THE KAZAKH STEPPE has launched, left the doorsill, flown the coop, left the nest. (are there others?) A Book Launch Party — for … Read More


  Kazakhs pride themselves on their well-deserved reputation for hospitality.   Our first invitation came from Woody’s director, Zamzagul: a Sunday afternoon gathering at a colleague’s dacha.   Dacha is a Russian word and a Russian tradition. Akin to a … Read More

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