Life Lesson #6 From Camel’s Hump

#6      Sometimes, it’s nice to have a reminder that we’re going in the right direction.


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I remember this one at though it happened last week. (insider joke here; see Lesson #8)

I’d been inching my way down the mountain, every now and again seeing those blue markers on the trees and being fairly confident that I hadn’t somehow stumbled off onto one of the secondary paths. But still . . .

Then, I saw this sign as clear as I could ever need.  Big, bold letters: the parking lot was 2.5 miles further.

Handwriting on the wall.  I welcomed it more than I’d have expected.  I’d really never thought I was lost or even off-track.  So, when the sign that I was on track brought me an unexpected warm fuzzy, I took note.

It’s not much different, I got to thinking, than an unexpected pat on the back, “good job,” or even a simple “thank you.”


How about you? When have you appreciated seeing the handwriting on the wall? When’s the last time you gave out that unexpected piece of validation? 


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#13    When the going gets tough, each step is of equal importance. 

#12    Sometimes, perseverance is more important than having fun.

#11    Sometimes, there is no single, absolutely right place to put your foot.

#10   Sometimes, when we try to follow the signs, it ends in disaster.

#9     Sometimes, the path we need to take doesn’t look like a path at all.

#8     Sometimes, we just have to stop and listen.

#7     Sometimes, we just have to stop and stare at the view.


2 Responses

  1. Susan Joyce
    | Reply

    One time a squirrel showed me the way. Signs are always comforting, even when they lead you back to where you started.

  2. Janet
    | Reply

    Signs do come on all shapes and sizes. I’m curious to know, Susan, if you’d been looking for a sign, when your squirrel showed up? I think there’s extra jubilation when I find a sign I wasn’t expecting.

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