Life Lesson #12 From Camel’s Hump

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  Following on last week’s Lesson #13,   When the going gets tough, each step is of equal importance,    I bring you this week’s Lesson #12:    Sometimes, perseverance is more important than having fun.          My culture … Read More

Life Lessons Gleaned Hiking Down Camel’s Hump

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  Camel’s Hump is one of Vermont’s best-recognized landmarks. Towering above much of the Green Mountains, it remains unspoiled by roads, ski areas, or phony cell tower trees and is a favorite destination for hikers of various ages and abilities. … Read More

Speaking My Truth, Sharing My Reality

  My blog this week was to be an essay on the similarities between my memoir of my two years teaching English and living in Kazakhstan as an older, married Peace Corps volunteer (At  Home on the Kazakh Steppe) and … Read More

Full-service or Self-service?

    I’ve been on the road these past few weeks and I have a few musings on that. Mostly they’re about pumping gas. But we’ll get to that in a bit.   My mode of transportation for all of … Read More

The Application Process, Part I

    “Flexibility, patience, and a sense of humor characterize the successful Peace Corps volunteer,” or PCV, as the recruiter actually said, using the acronym that would soon became part of our everyday vocabulary. He may have been referring to … Read More

Difficult conversations

In the Peace Corps, my official job was Teacher Trainer: I taught English at a teacher’s college. A few of my classes were taught in concert with a local teacher. Over my two years I team-taught with five different teachers. One … Read More

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