Looking Behind So I Can See Ahead More Clearly

  This blog had 8,700 views last year.  I tell you, I was floored when I learned that.   All year, as I prepared my blog posts,  I focused on 1. publishing regularly, in my case every Wednesday 2. ending … Read More

Speaking My Truth, Sharing My Reality

  My blog this week was to be an essay on the similarities between my memoir of my two years teaching English and living in Kazakhstan as an older, married Peace Corps volunteer (At  Home on the Kazakh Steppe) and … Read More

From Insanity to Serenity: Kathy Pooler

  Cultural differences, as I love to point out, are all around us. Depending upon where and how we grew up, the ways in which we view the world — even among Americans — can vary tremendously. What we see … Read More

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