Where does the time go?

Dear Readers:

This is a post about time.

The speed with which it flies past us

The way in which it finds irrelevant the many choices confronting us

Sounds lofty, huh?

Thanks to pngio.com for the image.

It’s actually a post about how I’ve been wanting to get my WordPress.org website fixed — it’s been three weeks I think, maybe four — but I keep waiting for a lump of time long enough to

(1) stay on hold for an extended period of time without getting snippy and

(2) have the attention span to attend to what the tech person (finally) tells me.

Yes, four weeks now.

It started when I upgraded my site to WP 5.5.1

I’ve not had a problem before.

Here’s what the problems are:

  1. I can’t schedule a post. The edit button is still there, but nothing happens when I click it.  SO, I can write the post and publish the post. But if I write it on Sunday, as I like to do, I must wait until late Tuesday night to publish it if I want to stay on my regular schedule (and I do; why will remain for a future post).
  2. I can’t add photos, images, “media.” I can add them to my media library; I just can’t seem to embed them into a post. So, my posts have gone out image-less these past few weeks.  That’s particularly irksome when it comes to sharing to facebook.  Facebook likes images.
  3. I can’t add a featured image either.
  4. I can’t add tags.
  5. I don’t get a word count any longer. It always reads 0, no matter how long the post is.
  6. I can’t change the title once I’ve got one.
  7. And all my Learn More windows seem to be empty. The text appears when I’m in edit mode, but once I save it for public consumption, poof, off they go.

I imagine there are other things I now cannot do that I have just not yet discovered. I’m trusting my website host will maybe reload the site from a backup. Isn’t that something someone can do?

And so, once again, we are here on a Tuesday night. Well, I guess it’s just me, here on a Tuesday night.  You’ll still see this on Wednesday morning; MailChimp hasn’t gone all goofy on me (yet?).

I swore (to myself; very softly) last week that by this week’s post, I’d have it fixed. And here we are once again.

Where did the time go?  See, that’s what’s really on my mind. Where did the week go? What happened to it? What else did I accomplish? What did I choose over getting this fixed?  I’m sure it seemed important at the time but, truly, I now have no idea.

I have a great post ready for next week when I’ll introduce you to a new man in my life. (Don’t worry; Woody has not been replaced.  Hmmm, not sure that sounds any better). I have photos to include, too.  But won’t post it if I can’t get these wrinkles ironed out. Please, cross your fingers for me, wish me luck, do a dance.

P.S.  It’s 7:35 pm.  I’ll go watch some Netflix with Woody and come back in a few hours to hit the Publish button. We’ve been following Borgen, a Danish “Madam Secretary” type drama. It’s gratifying to watch the Danish Prime Minister solve the myriad problems she faces within the 55 minutes the show runs.  How nice.

See you next week (I hope).


UPDATE midnight Friday: just got an email from my host telling me it’s all fixed.  I can now add photos. I can tag. I have a word count. I’ve added a featured image. I’ll have to check the other two tomorrow. BUT, I now also get a gigantic warning message at the top of my desktop:

jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered

Stay tuned.

10 Responses

  1. Marian Beaman
    | Reply

    When I saw your mention of time, I thought of this quote: “But at my back I always hear / Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near. . . ”

    I can identify with the idea of time ticking by that Andrew Marvell is referring to, but I certainly don’t relate to the context of seducing virgins in “To His Coy Mistress.” (Old English teachers, like me, can’t help themselves, you know.)

    About your icky WP problem. I hate such gremlins, but I have to rely on my web guy to update plugins; I don’t trust myself with anything tech-y. I hope all is resolved in the best possible way – and soon, Janet! ((( )))
    Marian Beaman recently posted…13-Year-Old Ian: Not Quite a Bar MitzvahMy Profile

  2. Clive Pilcher
    | Reply

    I’ve written posts about time, a subject that fascinates me. Having read this I’m so glad I’ve remained true to my principles as a cheapskate and haven’t paid for a site for my blog! Now that I’ve worked out how to avoid using the horrible block editor I can still do all the things your blog isn’t letting you do! Time to use a free blog, maybe? Why pay to be messed around?

    If you need something to calm you after all this, I can recommend closing your eyes for five minutes and listening to Fairport Convention’s ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes?’ – Sandy Denny’s beautiful voice is very therapeutic!

    And I’m with you with Borgen, which has been shown here on BBC4. Their foreign language dramas are almost uniformly excellent.
    Clive Pilcher recently posted…Tuesday Tunes 29: More SixtiesMy Profile

    • Janet Givens
      | Reply

      Good to know Borgen has such a wide distribution.
      As for why I’m on the dotORG path, it’s simple, mine is a website with multiple pages, not just a blog. And I sell my books on my website. I think those of us who got into this blogging world to sell our books took a decidedly different path than those who are in it for the love of blogging (not that I am not loving it; and I don’t push my books anymore. Folks know where they are). But I did hire a designer way back when and she’s the one that wouldn’t touch the dotCOM site. Didn’t give her enough flexibility. I knew nothing back then.

      I was led to believe early on that dotORG was for serious bloggers. I’ve come to realize that’s simply not true. Lots of serious bloggers, like you Clive, do just fine with their dot COM site. I sometimes envy you (except for the design piece). Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to more of those foreign language shows.
      Janet Givens recently posted…Where does the time go?My Profile

  3. Tim Fearnside
    | Reply

    For what it’s worth… I’ve also had trouble with two aspects of your site. First, I can’t seem to “like” a post. Second, the “notify of follow up comments” feature never works for me. This has gone on for quite some time, preceding your latest update. But, it’s happened on other pages, too, so it’s possible the problem is somehow on my end. Anyway, ‘just wanted to mention. On a lighter note, I’m glad to hear Woody is taking the news of the new man in your life so graciously, lol 😉

    • Janet Givens
      | Reply

      That is really good to know Tim. Thanks. I do think that the LIKE button is only for bloggers. But I wonder how it knows you no longer blog? Did you enter a URL when you give your name (only the first time per browser)?

      Yes, our new man is in Woody’s life too. We are learning to share. 🙂
      Janet Givens recently posted…Where does the time go?My Profile

  4. Janet Morrison
    | Reply

    What a blogging nightmare! As if having your well run dry wasn’t enough? Will the craziness of 2020 never end? Like you, I have no idea what I have to show for the last week. I hope you get WordPress fixed before another week passes. I want to see this new man in your life!

    • Janet Givens
      | Reply

      Thank you for that, Janet. Good to know it’s not only me.

      I’m now in email correspondence with my site host and she has some suggestions for me. Plus there’s an “emergency maintenance” happening tomorrow night, so we’ll see what comes of that. Fingers crossed, please.

      AND It’s raining again today. It’s been lovely. Did FIVE loads of laundry over the weekend. I’m all caught up. 🙂
      Janet Givens recently posted…Where does the time go?My Profile

  5. Pamela
    | Reply

    Time is ever elusive and ever always messing with us. I miss whole WEEKS, much less days. But WP is another matter. I think WP is messing with us. When it gets that complex/confusing, I hide in a my hidey hole and give up. But please, don’t give up. You inspire us all. Looking forward to seeing what next week’s post looks like. 🙂

    • Janet Givens
      | Reply

      Thanks Pam. It also appears I can now reply from my phone. That’s helpful. But I’ve lost my share buttons. Your hidey-hole sounds quite appealing. May I join you?
      Janet Givens recently posted…Where does the time go?My Profile

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