Last week’s Three Things was fun.

The one I’ve chosen for this week is an even tighter spin off from my Freebie-for-Subscribing, Seven Things I Wish I Knew Before I Joined the Peace Corps.  (see it up there in the top banner?)


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I realize that not everyone joins the Peace Corps.  But we’ve all joined SOMETHING at some time. We’re Americans, after all.  (Well, most of us).  Did you know that as far back as de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (1835), we Americans were pegged as joiners?  More so than Europeans, any way.


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Yup, our dedication to volunteerism impressed Alexis.


So, think of some group you’ve joined, once upon a time.  Then let us know:

THREE THINGS I Wish I Knew Before I Joined  _____

Here are some suggestions, to start you off.

  • the Peace Corps
  • the armed forces (enlistees only; no draftees)
  • my neighborhood pickup softball league
  • the League of Women Voters
  • the Book of the Month Club
  • Facebook
  • AAA
  • AA (just kidding)
  • what else have you got?

I’m looking forward to seeing how many different places we’ve joined, not just what you’ve learned since.



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Mine?  Well, they’re all listed in that little freebie I keep pushing your way.


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4 Responses

  1. Carolyn
    | Reply

    3 things I’d known?
    Well, I decided to volunteer when I was made redundant and couldn’t find another job in my area of expertise. After all, I was going insane sitting around the house all day. I found a website which told me of the variety of tasks available nearby, including working in a charity shop. (That was a no way Jose with my dodgy knee). I volunteered to do admin tasks for a charity that transports elderly and vulnerable people shopping, to hospital, etc. So, 7 years on I have to say that the 3 things I should have known were:
    it’s fun
    I feel I’m doing something useful
    I still am a whizz at Excel spreadsheets.

    • Janet Givens
      | Reply

      Hello Carolyn and welcome. That call to feel useful, to know we can still make a contribution to our world is a powerful one, as you have shown. Thanks for starting is off this morning from across the pond.

  2. Terry Bryan
    | Reply

    I don’t join things so no problems…I do wish I’d not given the National Humane Society a penny…pesky beggars.

  3. Janet Givens
    | Reply

    I’ve found that too, Terry. I remember one year saving all the mailings I got from one particular environmental organization. There must have been over thirty envelopes. Finally, I packed them all up and mailed them back, telling them I’d never contribute to them again, for my money would obviously not be going to programs, but to endless solicitation letters. It felt quite gratifying, and cost about what I’d given them the year before. When I was in fundraising, a thousand years ago, my motto was “one guilt trip a year.” That seems to have been long forgotten these days.

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