Coping in the era of COVID-19

How are you doing? This is the most serious pandemic since the Spanish influenza and information, we know, is critical in keeping anxiety down. People, in general, feel anxious in the unknown. I thought a post that pulled together the … Read More

Coping with Weltschmerz

As promised at the end of last week’s Weltschmerz post, this week we’re going to talk about how I’ve been coping. In short: some days are better than others. But, what consistently makes the biggest difference in my peace of … Read More

Where is the Humor in This Age of Deadly Seriousness?

We’re taking a break from my series on civil discourse. Since every Action List I’m receiving emphasizes how critical self-care is, I decided I needed to focus on my favorite self-care rituals this week. Off I hopped into a steaming bubble bath.  That’s … Read More

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