Survey Monkey at my six-month mark

This week’s blog comes to you compliments of Survey Monkey, that handy (and free) online survey tool that seems to be everywhere lately.

Well, today it’s here in And So It Goes


It’s completely anonymous.

And it’s short.  Only seven questions.

I promise — after a week or two of blantant, self-serving promotion on all my social media sites — to post the results.


I took a six-week social media workshop with Dan Blank recently. You know, one of those online courses that teach you all things Internet-related and in the process you hang out with others of similar ilk (other writers needing to promote their book) and you bond and become fast friends and life carries on.

Or something like that.  Though I did meet some great folk.

His was not my first (that honor goes to Kristen Lamb and her WANA International Tribes) and it will probably not be my last.  Though, I have to say I hope it is.

(What I’d really like is for my publisher to handle my promotion, tell me where I have to be and when. They’d schedule interviews for me and orchestrate my professional online presence from their office [in midtown Manhattan, of course.] Social media would go back to being a place for me to hang out with my friends and family. And continue to meet interesting and enlightened new people.)

In my dreams.

So, back to Dan.  He offers six well-crafted lessons, and in one of them he said something practically heretical.  He said that writers don’t really HAVE TO BLOG.  Let me rephrase that: Writers (he said) DON’T HAVE TO BLOG.

His point was that with social media evolving almost daily, there are now many who feel Blogging is or will be passe.  Not sure he pushes that idea himself, but he does say there are other ways to get our message, our voice, our book promotions out in front of an audience.

At least that’s what I think he said. It could be just wishful thinking on my part.

So back to my blog. I want to rethink And So It Goes, this collection of mindful meanderings on all things relating to midlife change, peace, travel, Kazakhstan, life.

Hence, I turn to Survey Monkey.

If you’d take just a few minutes (my live-in Beta tester took less than four to fill it out) to click on the link below and take my little survey.


I look forward to your feedback.

And I thank you.

2 Responses

  1. Pauline Baird Jones
    | Reply

    I took the survey. Not sure it will help you. LOL Good luck!

    • Janet
      | Reply

      thanks Pauline. I appreciate the support. It’s been fun to see the returns come in. Now the fun begins. Results to follow on Wednesday.

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