What Do You Know About our Pledge of Allegiance?

For the Americans among us, when’s the last time you thought about your Pledge of Allegiance? Do you remember reciting it in grammar school? High School?  Could you recite it from memory today? I could, and I imagine you could … Read More

Musing: How to Give Unsolicited Advice

I’m musing again still. The Wall Street Journal had a headline a few weeks ago: How to Give Unsolicited Advice Without Being Annoying. I was intrigued. Who wouldn’t be?     Turns out  I needed a subscription to find out … Read More

Musings on America: Dates

Today, with the American dream falling apart at our feet, CoViD knocking on our doors louder and louder, systemic racism exposed finally for all throughout this country (in the north as well as the south) to see, and the climate … Read More

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