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I began work on this website in 2012, seeing it as a hub for discussion of the myriad ways that culture impacts our lives and to introduce my book, At Home on the Kazakh Steppe, to new readers.

Since then, it has evolved to include a LEARN MORE page for information on Kazakhstan, Cultural Differences, the Peace Corps, and different ways to travel.  I update it often, so, stop in and peruse.



Were you looking for my blogAnd So It Goes?

Following the pattern I set with my high school era newspaper columns, C’est la Vie and Asi Es la Vida (I changed foreign language study half way though), which translate in each case as “Such is Life,”


And So It Goes 

is a collection of musings on the conundrums of daily life, the odd juxtapositions of cultural differnces that show up at our own front door, the gift of friendship across artifical barriers, and Kazakhstan, where I lived for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer — not all at once and not in any particular order.



Or perhaps you were looking for information on my memoir
, At Home On the Kazakh Steppe? 


There, you’ll find a slideshow with photos from my years on the Kazakh steppe, quotes from a few of the early reviews, information on upcoming readings, links for purchasing the book in a variety of formats, and an excerpt — Chapter One.


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About the Author offers pictures and juicy tidbits of my life’s story.  Or not


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I continue with periodic postings on my Facebook Author Page , where you’ll find links to articles on cultural differences in general or Kazakhstan in particular. Occasionally I’ll add a post with my former students in mind: American idioms or other English language idiosyncracies.

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There are over 240 million websites out there. I’m glad you found mine.  Wander, explore, read, enjoy.  Or drop me a line on the Contact Me page.




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