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Oops, you missed it. I’m taking a break from that one.  Beginning February 11, 2015, my new blog, Janet Unleashed, will grace these pages.  As the name implies, there’s no telling where I might wind up.                      LATEST BLOG HERE


Or perhaps you’re looking for information on my latest book, m
y Peace Corps memoir, At Home On the Kazakh Steppe? 

The book has its own page here on my website, with an excerpt from Chapter One, links for purchasing, quotes from a few of the early reviews, information on upcoming readings, and photos.


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There’s a Learn More page, where I’ve listed a large number of resources on a variety of topics — Kazakhstan, travel, cultural differences, the Peace Corps — relating to my book. Stop in and peruse.


There are over 240 million websites out there. I’m glad you found mine.  Wander, explore, read, enjoy.  And drop me a line at         janet   AT    janetgivens.com


I also continue with periodic postings on my Facebook Author Page . There you’ll find links to articles on cultural differences in general or Kazakhstan in particular. Occasionally I’ll add a post with my former students in mind: American idioms or other English language idiosyncracies.