Changing My Focus

Remember this? This was my original website header back when I began in 2013, thanks to my friend Anne McKinsey. I still love those colors, though I’ve since learned the difference between calling myself a writer and calling myself an … Read More

Summer Break

Hello, It’s been nearly three months, which I find hard to believe.  Last we talked, I explained my need for a “Spring Break.” Well, guess what — I’m now extending that into a Summer Break as well. Please be happy … Read More

From the Middle of Black History Month

Have you wondered as I have why February was chosen as the month to honor African-Americans? Actually, I wonder, when choice is involved, why anything is celebrated in winter. Celebrations, to me, are best exercised outdoors, in the sun, with … Read More

My Amygdala Makes Me Do It: The WP Wars, Part II

  Last week, I ended What I’ve Learned From the WordPress Wars  with the question, “Why can’t we talk dispassionately when we disagree?”       Today, we’ll take a look at my theory, in two parts (two and a … Read More

Talking About Race: Part III — White to White

Why is talking about race so hard?
Our post this week, on the 50th anniversary of the protest at the Winter Olympics, begins the conversation.

The Culture of Philanthropy

Yesterday was “giving Tuesday,” a fairly new idea.  And a global movement, I hasten to add.  And I’m late, I know; my posts come out on Wednesdays. STILL, this seems a “better late than never” opportunity. So here we go. … Read More

Talking About Race: Part II — Racism

    Following up on last month’s Talking About Race post, we’ll look at two rather different ways to talk about racism: as a problem within an individual and as a problem within the larger society. Who here is racist? … Read More

A New Look At Time

On November 4 it’ll be time to turn our clocks again — Jet lag without the hassle of airplane security and cramped seats. I can hardly wait. Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have done … Read More

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