Looking Back 50 Years: Why Do We Forget So Easily?

Yes, it’s another 50 year anniversary post. Do you know which one? March 13, 1969 — ring any bells? No? Welcome to today’s real topic: How easily we forget. Fifty years ago today, Apollo 9 returned to earth. “Which one … Read More

A Two for Tuesday Tag Prompt #4

This week’s Two-For-Tuesday prompt from Rae at Rae’s Reads and Reviews is Two books that help you sleep at night This was the hardest prompt of the four for me because, simply, books don’t help me sleep.  Melatonin does or a glass of … Read More

A Two For Tuesday Prompt #3

Today’s prompt, from Rae, theeducatednegra, who introduced it last month on her Rae’s Reads and Reviews is Two books that remind you of someone The first two prompts, two that taught me something (week 1) and two that helped me fall in … Read More

From the Middle of Black History Month

Have you wondered as I have why February was chosen as the month to honor African-Americans? Actually, I wonder, when choice is involved, why anything is celebrated in winter. Celebrations, to me, are best exercised outdoors, in the sun, with … Read More

A Two for Tuesday Prompt #2

  This Two for Tuesday tag prompt is the brainchild of Rae (Theeducatednegra.blog, whose tag line I love: If you’re colorblind, you’ll miss the rainbow.) who introduced it last month in her Rae’s Reads and Reviews. Thank you for the nudge, Rae. This … Read More

My Amygdala Makes Me Do It: The WP Wars, Part II

  Last week, I ended What I’ve Learned From the WordPress Wars  with the question, “Why can’t we talk dispassionately when we disagree?”       Today, we’ll take a look at my theory, in two parts (two and a … Read More

A Two for Tuesday Tag Prompt #1

I’ve been thinking of adding an extra day of blogging but got bogged down with the “What” and the “When.” I love how the universe pops up every now and again to answer my call. This Two for Tuesday tag … Read More

What I’ve Learned From The Word Press Wars

Originally entitled, “Converting the Heathen Among Us,” this post was going to overwhelm you with the advantages of WordPress.org over WordPress.com I was quite certain you’d thank me. But, as so often happens as I write, my thoughts evolved and I … Read More

My 2019 Sugar Resolution — Part II

Too Many Choices Each time I produce another And So It Goes post, I learn something. This week is no exception. In writing this follow-up to last week’s post, I have become aware of just how mind-numbingly unaware I have … Read More

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