Public Toilets: A New Look

[box] NOTE: The following post was written and scheduled before the devastating news of the brutal murder of my friend Lindsay de Feliz. Of the blog she wrote from the Dominican Republic, where she’d made her home for nearly twenty … Read More

LEAPFROG is here!

It’s been a long gestation, longer than you’d expect for such a small book.  But it’s finally here — sort of — and  you, my readers, were a big part of it (you’re in the Acknowledgments). I’m excited to announce … Read More

A Look At Fake News

Fake news is nothing new. Fifty years ago this week, the world reeled with the news that Paul McCartney – the really cute Beatle – had died and been replaced with an imposter!  For those caught up in the Beatlemania … Read More

A new look at boredom

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As promised, we’re looking at boredom today: the irony and the paradox. I’ll begin by admitting I don’t remember ever feeling bored. Ever. Maybe I was and have long since forgotten; that’s a possibility. But in general, feeling bored is … Read More

How To Say “I’m Sorry” And Why: A Yom Kippur Story

I’m re-running a post from 2016, with some edits.   With thanks to for the image. Prior to today’s post preparation, I knew this holiday mostly through its connection to “the Yom Kippur War” of 1973. As a result, I set out … Read More

Sasha, On Aging Well

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  Alpha Mom asked me to take this week’s post as she’s a bit preoccupied with her homework for a new training she’s in. She says she’ll write about it once she’s done and can look back with perspective. I … Read More

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