Public Toilets: A New Look

[box] NOTE: The following post was written and scheduled before the devastating news of the brutal murder of my friend Lindsay de Feliz. Of the blog she wrote from the Dominican Republic, where she’d made her home for nearly twenty … Read More

Autumn Leaves: A memory

[box type=”info”] An update: Woody’s hand surgery went smoothly last Wednesday afternoon and the biopsy came back with the expected good news. His sutures come out on Friday and he’ll have full use of his hand in another week. More … Read More

Thoughts on Mortality: A guest post from my husband

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Over the years I’ve mentioned my husband, Woody, from time to time. Today for the first time (and hopefully not the last), Woody talks to you directly.  I think you’ll come away understanding how I could fall in love with … Read More

A New Look at Thanksgiving: the strange ritual we pull off each year

It really is a strange ritual we pull off each year. We mean well, with this Thanksgiving of ours, but intention only carries so far. The Thanksgiving myth, you know, is a fiction. A nice fiction, a Norman Rockwell fiction, … Read More

LEAPFROG is here!

It’s been a long gestation, longer than you’d expect for such a small book.  But it’s finally here — sort of — and  you, my readers, were a big part of it (you’re in the Acknowledgments). I’m excited to announce … Read More

Get Real: A look at ageism

This is not a DST story.  It is a turn back time story though. Sort of. A story came to my attention last week that I just couldn’t ignore.  Along the lines of the breastfed six-year old post I did … Read More

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